Орловский региональный Центр поддерджки экспорта
Export Support Center of
Oryol Region
Tel.: (4862) 76-27-92, (962) 477-71-71
E-mail: info@export57.ru

Creating and upgrading sites

One of the most effective ways of presentation of the organization and of offered goods and services on domestic and foreign markets – the creation of a site in the global Internet.

The site for business – the face of organization, a place where potential customers or partners can obtain all the needed information.

 The presence of a site of export-oriented small and medium-sized businesses helps to express themselves and reach the international level, to identify competitive advantages, expand the audience.

 In addition, creating a website on the Internet, not only strengthens and improves the image of the organization, but also acquired a permanent place on the international clock advertising and trading platform with countless users, some of whom are your current and potential customers and partners. This makes it possible to expand the markets for your products, increase sales of goods and services without the need to open new sales outlets.

 Note, that just a single desire (wiliness) of access to the foreign markets is not enough. One of the tools of production diversification in international markets is the expansion of the site functional, presupposing translating its content into foreign languages.

 It should be noted that foreign (particularly English-language) version of the sites have a wider scope of audience, as opposed to Russian site better indexed in foreign search systems, etc.

If an existing site (or lack thereof) are an obstacle to the diversification of existing sales channels and services, if you need its modernization, translation into foreign languages, please send a request to the Oryol Regional Export Support Center.


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