Орловский региональный Центр поддерджки экспорта
Export Support Center of
Oryol Region
Tel.: (4862) 76-27-92, (962) 477-71-71
E-mail: info@export57.ru

Information and counseling on export issues

One of the main reasons for the decline of domestic exports to foreign markets is the lack of awareness of small and medium-sized enterprises of foreign (including potential) markets and existing overseas demand for Russian products or services. Foreign representatives are not always able to make clear cut idea of true picture of the Russian export opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses, including due to the lack of available information on business reputation and solvency of potential or existing Russian exporters. In addition, unfortunately, despite the existing receiving instruments of state financial support, often domestic exporting enterprises not actively resorted to it, mainly due to the lack of complete information.

One of the key tasks of the Oryol Regional Export Support Center is informing and advising small and medium-sized enterprises in the implementation of the export activity, as well as the activity of the authorized state bodies of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Oryol region in the sphere of export support.

Among the forms of information support of small and medium business entrepreneurs can be identified such areas as information on:

-       The manner and the specifics of the procedures required to export abroad;

-       Export support measures applied at the federal and regional levels, the manner and conditions of use;

-       The organization of training and improvement of professional skills of stakeholders in the field of export;

-       Procedures for access to foreign markets of products (including on tariff, non-tariff barriers and other measures applied in foreign countries);

-       Russia's production advantages, opportunities available for its acquisition of foreign representatives;

-       Upcoming international exhibitions and territory fairs  Russia and abroad, and the conditions of participation in them;

-       Invites tenders and auctions for the supply of products;

-       Available opportunities for cooperative exporters, the Russian producers, including in projects already under way;

-       Proposals and intentions of foreign persons in the establishment of contacts and development projects related to the export and so on.

Advisory support for export activities include such activities as the introduction of small and medium-sized businesses with customs formalities and procedures, requirements for labeling, packaging and product quality standards and requirements for products and services, search for potential partners abroad, information promotion of company for foreign partners and so forth.




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