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The study of foreign markets

One of the first steps in the implementation of foreign economic activity of any export-oriented enterprise is to identify specific markets for products or services. The output of Russian companies to international markets implies an increase in the level of competition, the risk of the share in foreign trade activity, the use of certain standards and product quality requirements, etc. due to the distinctive economic, political, legal, socio-cultural, and so forth. peculiarities of foreign countries. These and many other factors determine the need to study the export strategy of the organization and the study of the foreign market in the country to which their products or services is planning to enter the organization.

Business dealing planning enables the comprehensive analysis of risks and trends in the implementation of business activity in the future to make a plan of action to ensure the most effective implementation of waste solutions and other options.

It should be noted that there is no universal mechanism for developing a strategic plan in mind the unique business and foreign trade activities of various enterprises.

Conduct market research foreign markets gives the company the opportunity to analyze one or more components, for example:

-       Analysis of existing on a given market trends and development trends, the most promising niches;

-       Research potential of enterprise at work in foreign markets;

-       The study of supply and demand on the market, the purchasing power of a given product or service;

-       Analysis and evaluation of competitors' market activities;

-       Identification of the most effective ways to eneter foreign markets, etc.

Oryol Regional Export Support Center for co-financing supports export-oriented small and medium enterprises in marketing research overseas markets. At the exit you will have an opportunity to obtain information such as the assessment of market capacity; pricing analysis; competitive analysis; analysis of distribution channels; especially exports to the country of interest, etc. data.

If your organization is interested in conducting marketing research overseas markets, we kindly ask you when formulating your organization needs in the form of technical specifications, send an application to the Oryoll Regional Export Support Centre, to conclude an appropriate agreement and pay the required portion of the cost of market research.


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