Орловский региональный Центр поддерджки экспорта
Export Support Center of
Oryol Region
Tel.: (4862) 76-27-92, (962) 477-71-71
E-mail: info@export57.ru

Participation in international exhibitions, fairs, congresses

One of the major communications components of moving goods, works and services on the external market - are fairs, exhibitions, congresses, specialized salons.

Trade shows and fairs - a market event in which exhibitors are based on the exhibition samples produced goods and services.

Congress Events - Congress, meeting (usually on issues of international importance), are an integral part of the business program; They have a complex structure, extensive geography of the participants, a wide public resonance (example: the European Convention for companies operating in the service sector in agriculture, at the exhibition "SIMA", France);

Within the framework of the organization of exhibitions and fairs (exponential) using samples (items) show the goods and services in order to study market conditions and promoting their sales. A distinctive feature of the fair is that they usually require immediate implementation of direct sales by exhibitors demonstrated products, although at present the boundaries between the concepts of "exhibition" and "fair" are minimized.

Trade shows and fairs - usually multi-events, which include, along with the demonstration of exhibits and conferences, seminars, "round tables" and other events, performing the function of the information. This channel allows you to present your company and products and services, acquire new customers and strengthen ties with existing and find new partners for business development and conduct research market competitors.

The collective stand is one of the most effective tools for promoting the regional exports. This event is a collective presentation of the products / services of the Oryol competitive producers of certain branch at major international trade fairs

Selecting foreign exhibitions carried out by Oryol Regional Center of export support to meet the needs of Oryol exporting enterprises, primarily, of the countries, specialization, scale and seasonality.

If necessary, the staff of the Centre will select the desired show on the request addressed enterprises.

Oryol Regional Export Support Center organizes collective expositions at international exhibitions of Russian and foreign (at least 3 participants from different companies), composed of a single delegation from the Oryol region.

As a part of the collective exhibition is open to representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises registered and operating in the territory of the Oryol region, which are already operating or exporting for the first time are going to put their products abroad.

Service content:

Oryol Regional Export Support Center assumes partial financing of your company's participation in specialized international specialized Russian and foreign exhibitions, in particular, cover the following types of expenses:

-        registration fee;

-        rental of at least 9 square meters of exhibition area to accommodate the collective exposition of enterprises.;

-        advertising in the official catalog;

-        additional equipment (display cases, racks, stands, standard furniture, fascia board inscription, LCD monitor, etc.);

-        assembly and disassembly of the stand;

-        Conduct communications (electricity, etc.);

-        logistics (visa support, hotel reservation, provision of a transfer within the country, and others.);

-        providing interpreters during the exhibition (if necessary).

Exhibitors shall pay for the cost of the visa, insurance, flights, accommodation and travel expenses.

We invite you to take part in the international Russian and foreign exhibitions as a part of the delegation of Oryol enterprises.

To participate in the exhibition please send a request in Oryol Regional Export Support Center.


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