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Certification, licensing and patenting

Oryol Regional Export Support Center is actively developing partnerships with companies for certification, standardization and evaluation of compliance with international requirements, making domestic output of our customers, which can be a synonym for quality and competitiveness on external markets.

International certification - a process, procedure or set of activities, certifying the quality of manufactured products and verifiable, in which a third disinterested party (not the manufacturer or the consumer) checks the product, followed by the provision of written conclusions on its compliance or non-compliance with applicable international standards.

Passage of international standard certification of products considered to be a prerequisite of its presence in international markets. And obtaining international certificates opens up the manufacturing company great prospects in a significant increase in turnover and attract a broad customer base.

International certification, unlike the Russian mandatory certification system is based on a comprehensive monitoring and auditing of all production processes of the enterprise. Therefore, for the certification of the international character are considered various schemes of company decisions acceptance:

- Development of new products;

- The introduction of advanced production lines;

- service maintenance.

Of course, the high level and the active development of market relations require from their members a certain approach, which involves ensuring full conformity of manufactured products to existing and applicable standards or requirements, as well as confirmation of the reliability of suppliers and manufacturers. After passing by an independent expert certification procedure it receives permissive documentation confirmation of international standard - ISO certificate.

All products of a quality that is confirmed by ISO system has a number of additional advantages, such as international and national consumer goods markets. This is why most companies soon after the beginning of their work tend to get such a certificate.

Having received the ISO certificate, you:

- Raise the level of quality of services, products or goods;

- Increase the efficiency at all stages of production due to improvements in the organization of the management structure;

- Reduce the marriage and the loss during the manufacturing process;

- Increase the volume of product sales;

- Implement the agricultural products on the world price;

- Increase the limit of the confidence of the foreign partners;

- Increase the volume of profits and victory in the competition;

- Strengthens the business reputation of the enterprise as a reliable and trustworthy partner in the eyes of foreign partners;

- Increase the chances of outlet of production to the European market, for which you must provide such a certificate;

- Participate in tenders or competitions, the organizers of which often allow for companies that have this certificate.

ISO certification requires the rule of quality management system, as exactly out of it, due to experts, are dependent characteristics of the final product, including its cost. Therefore, ISO certified basic acts and the main evidence of competent and proper trade and production.

Licensing is another method of the entrance into foreign markets. This procedure, according to which the licensor -company gives the right to use its intellectual property (technology, business practices, patents, copyrights, brands and trademarks) to another company, company-licensee, for a fee.

Licensing is widely used for the company's entry into foreign markets, since this method does not require large direct costs.

The most reliable means of protection is the state registration of their right on the development, which is carried out by patenting. Before you apply to the registration authority (the Federal Institute of Industrial Property), should be clearly defined, as any object can be formalized your decision to make a proper application and obtain a patent.

Oryol Regional Export Support Center provides assistance in ensuring the protection of the intellectual property, including patents obtaining on results.


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