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Organization of business missions

One of the most effective ways of establishing trade and economic relations between countries, communication with contractors, studying prospective markets and identify their requirements for products is to visit foreign countries.

Visiting interesting potential market, it is possible to analyze and identify the key features of the foreign market, get acquainted with the local customs and business dealing practices, to determine the ratio and the level of trust in each other.

Business missions are conducted on the basis of the trade missions of the Russian Federation abroad. Their distinguishing feature is the provision and support of small and medium-sized enterprises at the stage of preparation of business projects and the subsequent maintenance of sales office and contracts for a period of up to one year initiatives.

Russian investment projects abroad, the establishment and development of trade and economic relations between Russian and foreign partners, as well as the search for foreign partners for joint projects The main purpose of the business mission is to provide small and medium business orders for goods, services, promotions in Russian and foreign markets.

The end result of the business mission is the subsequent conclusion of agreements, contracts or agreements.

It should be noted that the promotion of Russian trade missions abroad is by:

Promotion of trade missions carried out by providing:

- Informational support (providing information on industry regulations, restrictions and regulations);

- Consulting support (study of individual requests exporting companies, selection and initial test of goodwill for potential partners; recommendation (if necessary), legal, financial and consulting companies in the host country);

- Institutional support (in the framework of business missions, business meetings).

Oryol Regional Export Support Center pays great attention to the development of foreign economic activity of small and medium-sized enterprises Oryol region with foreign partners, including through the organization of business travel (business missions) in foreign countries. These events are always a great attention from the business community of Oryol region.

Oryol Regional Export Support Center assists in the selection of foreign companies among the potential buyers of goods and services of export-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises of the Oryol region, the organization of bilateral meetings with potential buyers, representatives of local authorities, logistics (including visa support , hotel booking, transfer to the host country and so forth.) and linguistic (providing interpreters during the meetings and negotiations) support.

Organization of business missions carried out on a scheduled basis according to the annual program of activities of the Oryol Regional Export Support Center.

If you have expressed a desire to take part in the business mission, we kindly ask you to send the application in a timely manner in the Oryol Regional Export Support Center.


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