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Information about the Oryol region

Foreign trade turnover of the Oryol region in 2015 (without export and import within the Eurasian Customs Union) was valued at 353,4 million USD. The total turnover was made up of export (105,7 million USD) and import (247,7 million USD).

The Oryol region has been expanding its foreign trade horizons year by year. Foreign trade boundaries of the region enterprises’ and organizations’ are expanding each year.

The region’s partners are enterprises and organizations.

Enterprises of the Oryol region export a wide range of products: street cleaning equipment and road construction equipment, pumping equipment, filters for automotive vehicles, fuel dispensing and transfer equipment, electrotechnical materials, refrigerating and freezing equipment, products from ferrous metals, ceramics, furniture, pharmaceuticals, cereals, wheat, sunflower and rapeseed oil, fats, vegetable oils and butter, and oils derived from animals and plants, soft drinks.

The Oryol region vigorously develops international relations in economic, cultural, scientific and educational spheres. It has established successful partnerships with Champagne-Ardenne region of France, Belarus and Razgrad region of Bulgaria (according to the Protocol of intentions to cooperate in social, economic, scientific, technical, cultural spheres and Plan of implementing the Protocol).

It is working towards further expansion of business cooperation among regions and exchanging business delegations. Joint projects in various areas are being carried out.

The Oryol region develops partnership in various fields within the Eurasian Economic Union, especially with Belarus and Kazakhstan republics. It has partnership agreements with Minsk, Brest, Homyel and Grodno local authorities in Commerce and economics, science and technology and culture. At the moment the Oryol region government and the Belarus government are preparing a bilateral partnership agreement.

Business representatives from the Oryol region participate annually in Homyel economic forum, international exhibitions such as “Spring in Homyel” and “BELAGRO” held during the Belarus agriculture and industry week in Minsk.

During the Russian economic forum held on February 12, 2016 the Oryol region governor and the head of the Republic of Belarus embassy department in the Russian Federation discussed the planned working visit of the Oryol region governor to Belarus and his visit to the large industrial enterprises of Belarus.

The issues of mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of mechanical engineering and instrumentation have been discussed there.

Partnership with European countries enables the international credibility maintenance of the Oryol region.

The French Republic is one of main partners of the Oryol region and plays a leading role in the foreign economic activity of the region. The partnership with the French region Champagne-Ardenne has been lasting for 25 years. According to the signed Protocol of intentions the regions are interacting in scientific, educational, economic, cultural and medical fields.

The delegation of the French embassy in Moscow visited the Oryol region in January 2015. There was negotiated whether it is possible to restore the Novosiltsev-Nechaev estate situated in the village “The first warrior (возможно, корректней не переводить название – Perviy voin” (Mtsensk district). The French side suggested establishing the Russian-French cultural centre on the basis of the restored estate.

On April 3, 2015 the Oryol region presented the investment potential at the French embassy in Moscow. The Oryol region governor V.V. Potomsky and the France’s Ambassador in Russia Jean-Maurice Ripert took part in the event.

As a result of presentation, a number of issues (developing the dairy complexes, processing and storage of agricultural products in cooperation with the French side) have been dealt with.

The Oryol region has been developing collaboration with Hungary. In 2014 representatives of Oryol enterprises left for a business mission to Budapest. During the mission the investment potential of the Oryol region was presented, negotiations with Hungarian companies were conducted meeting the interests of both parties. The talks resulted in reaching agreements to keep on collaborating in manufacturing (electrotechnical equipment, steam boilers, LEDs, equipment for furniture manufacturing, pellets, energy audit), to launch and carry out joint investment and technological projects.

The Oryol region has business partnership with Germany as well. The Oryol region goes on cooperating with the Russian-German Chamber of International Commerce. On March 11, 2015 a “Dialogue with the governor of the Oryol region” took place at the embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Russian Federation. The participants of the “Dialogue” were the governor of the Oryol region, the Germany Federative Republic Ambassador extraordinaire and plenipotentiary in Russia, the chairman of the Russian-German Chamber of International Commerce and managers of large German companies.

Development of business contacts network with German partners was on the agenda of the “Dialogue”. The chances of collaborating with the German side through carrying out joint projects in housing and utilities, construction, agriculture (seeds manufacture), energetics, scientific and technical sphere are rated as high.

To develop the economic cooperation of the Oryol region with the Italian Republic the representative of the Oryol region attended the Investment forum held in Milan in 2014. The Oryol region was presented at the forum. Moreover, the meetings with the Italian business community went ahead. At the moment both sides are considering the issue of setting up the joint business in footwear manufacturing.

Much attention in the Oryol region is paid to developing relations with Asia-Pacific countries. China is seen as one of the major partners of the Oryol region. The Protocol of intentions concerning trade and economic cooperation between the Oryol region and the Anhui Province is being implemented. The prospects of launching joint investment projects in the Oryol region are being contemplated.

The memorandum of understanding relating to development of partnership in social and economic spheres was signed by the Oryol region government and the Nanning administration (Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region). The effective cooperation with Chongqing based on the bilateral memorandum is going on.

The delegation from the Oryol region participated in the 1st Russia-China EXPO held in July 2014 in Harbin. The “Russian days” at EXPO presented the investment potential of the Oryol region and meetings with the managers of investment, industrial and agricultural companies as well as with the authorities of the Heilongjiang Province took place. The talks resulted in signing the protocol on mutually beneficial cooperation in trade, economics, industry, agriculture, tourism, education and healthcare.

The agreement on intentions to cooperate with “Heilongjiang main company in the joint development of economics and technologies” was signed. In accordance with this agreement a number of investment projects are to be done in the Oryol region.

On February 12, 2016 Han’ Vei – the advisor on trade and economic issues of the Chinese embassy in Moscow – visited the Oryol region. Both sides have confirmed the readiness to develop mutually beneficial cooperation in various economic sectors.

The relations with Japan have been improved. In September 2015 the investment and tourism potential presentation of the Oryol region was given at the Japanese embassy in Moscow during which the development of bilateral partnership was negotiated with the head of “The Japan Association for Trade with Russia & NIS (ROTOBO)” Moscow representation promoting cooperation between Russian and Japanese enterprises and with the General Secretary of “The Japanese Business Club”.

The collaboration with Indonesia is carrying on. In December 2014 the official delegation headed by the Ambassador extraordinaire and plenipotentiary of the Republic of Indonesia in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus visited our region. The prospects of further interaction in trade, higher education and tourism were negotiated during the visit. The agreement with the Indonesian partners on opening the Interregional Business Centre in the Oryol region was reached. This centre is expected to facilitate business contacts between the Oryol region and the Indonesian Republic enterprises without any intermediaries. The Interregional Business Centre will also enable implementation of new investment projects. As a result of meeting the agreement on cooperation between Oryol and Makassar was signed.

The Oryol region goes on interacting with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Representatives of Arab business community visited the Oryol region in October 2014 in order to develop mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields. In its turn, the delegation of the Oryol region took part in the events within the Russian business week in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The relations of the Oryol region with African countries were established. The delegation headed by the Ambassador extraordinaire and plenipotentiary of the Republic of Benin in the Russian Federation and the mayor of Abomey-Calavi had a working visit in the Oryol region. The agreements concerning cooperation in various fields (agriculture, industry, educating foreign students in local universities) were reached.

In February 2015 the official delegation of the Republic of Cuba headed by the Ambassador extraordinaire and plenipotentiary of the Republic of Cuba in the Russian Federation visited the Oryol region in order to discuss the prospects of cooperating. On February 12, 2016 a working meeting of the Oryol region governor and the Cuba’s delegation went ahead within the Russian Economic Forum “Social and economic development of the Russian regions. Problems and outcomes”. During the meeting the foreign guests showed the high tech medicine created in Cuba to cure the diabetic foot. Partners from Cuba suggested launching social programmes for patients suffering the diabetic foot in the region. Moreover, they offered several innovative products in agriculture (vaccine against classical swine fever, vaccine against tick-borne encephalitis of cattle, insecticides used while growing vegetable in greenhouses - enzyme drug for growing sugar beet.

Nowadays the Oryol region is running large investment projects regarding establishment and development of large-scale agricultural enterprises, modernization of processing plants (including those manufacturing sugar), construction of poultry farms and cattle-breeding complexes, opening of new trade centres and entertainment venues.

Facilitating transparent and efficient cooperation between Oryol businessmen and potential foreign partners is perceived by local authorities as an important goal. To achieve it the Oryol region interacts directly with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation,

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and foreign trade representatives of the Russian Federation abroad.

According to the agreement between the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the government of the Oryol region on the cooperation in the foreign economic sphere the export projects of the Oryol enterprises are being carried out. Enterprises of the Oryol region are registered in the Russian export catalogue on a permanent basis together with the participants of foreign economic activity in the Oryol region.

At the moment the Oryol regional centre of export support is being established. The centre is declared to support the regional exporters – small and medium-sized entities, assist their entry to the international arena and increase their competitiveness.

Furthermore, the agreement on cooperation between the government of the Oryol region and the administration of Bình Dương province (the Socialist Republic of Vietnam) will be signed.

During 2014 the bilateral agreements on trade, economic, scientific and technical, cultural cooperation between the government of the Oryol region, on the one hand, and the governments of the Sverdlovsk region and the Kurgan region respectively, on the other hand, were signed. The programmes of events within the agreements have been prepared.

In 2015 the delegation of the Oryol region headed by the governor took part in the International economic forum held in St. Petersburg and attended the International investment forum held in Sochi.

The representatives of the Oryol region participated in the following events: the 2nd Forum of Russian and Belarus regions (Sochi), the 6th Russian-Abkhazian business Forum (Sukhumi), the Russian-Vietnamese Conference on trade, investment and tourism development (Moscow), the 4th Conference on international cooperation between Russia and Tadjikistan (Moscow), the 1st Forum of small and medium-sized entities from countries - BRICS and SCO members (Ufa).

The governor of the Oryol region met with the Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Prime-minister of the Republic of Abkhazia in Moscow. The negotiations resulted in signing the Plan of protocol events implementation.


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