Орловский региональный Центр поддерджки экспорта
Export Support Center of
Oryol Region
Tel.: (4862) 76-27-92, (962) 477-71-71
E-mail: info@export57.ru

Help for the exporter

HOW TO EXPORT: A beginner’s guide to exporting. Part I: Preparation to export: first steps / Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. – M., 2014

The major export development trends for the period up to 2030 (basic concepts). – M., 2015

A manual for exporters / Analytical foreign trade centre of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Please, note that the list is by no means exhaustive and will be updated!

Legislation on foreign economic activity to comply with:

Federal law №173 of 10 December 2003 “On Currency Regulation and Currency Control”

Federal law №183-FZ of 18 July 1999 “On Export Control”

Instruction of the Bank of Russia №138-I of 04 June 2012 “On the Procedure Applicable to the Submission of Documents and Information Concerning Currency Transactions by Residents and Non-residents to Authorised Banks, on the Procedure Applicable to Opening the Passports of Deals and on the Procedure to be Used by Authorised Banks while accounting for and controlling currency transactions” (as amended)

Instruction of the Bank of Russia №111-I of 30 March 2004 “On the Mandatory Sale of Foreign Currency Earnings on the Domestic Currency Market” (as amended)

Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia №167 of 25 March 2015 (ed. of 04 February 2016) "On the Confirmation of the Competitive selection Terms for the Subjects of the Russian Federation to Gain Subsidies from the Federal Budget for the Government Support of Small and Medium-sized Entities, Including Farming Enterprises, and Requirements for the Companies Facilitating Support of Small and Medium-sized Entities"


- Research on the potential target market

- Selecting a counterparty

- Goodwill assessment and checking the partner’s solvency

- Negotiating

- Contractual arrangements and signing the contract

- Preparation of “Passport of deal” and contract registration in the authorised bank

- Sample of international trading contracts

- Sample of “Passport of deal”

- Sample of CMR document

- Samples of other documents relating to international trade

- Receiving the order and negotiating delivery schedule

- Shipping arrangements

- Getting documents ready for customs clearance

- Customs clearance

- Goods exporting from the RF

- Receiving payment for the goods

- Currency control

- Arrangements for VAT refund

- Submission of documents to tax authorities for VAT refund

- To help an exporter


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