Орловский региональный Центр поддерджки экспорта
Export Support Center of
Oryol Region
Tel.: (4862) 76-27-92, (962) 477-71-71
E-mail: info@export57.ru

General Information

Since February 2016 on the basis of Microfinance Fund of the Oryol region functioning Orel Regional Export Support Center with the financing of the costs from the federal and regional budgets.

The center is a specialized in customer service for existing and potential exporters - small and medium-sized businesses.

The competence of the Export Support Center includes questions and stimulating business involvement in export activities, including advice on export matters. In addition, the Centre aims to promote the work output of business on foreign markets for goods, services and technologies, as well as addressing issues of increasing the competitiveness and efficiency of export-oriented small and medium-sized businesses.

Functions of the Oryol Regional Export Support Center:

-       Participation in the definition of priority areas of support for export activities of small and medium-sized enterprises;

-       The provision of services to small and medium-sized enterprises;

-       Promotion of export activities;

-       The promotion of information in the global information network Internet;

-       The creation and promotion of the Oryol Regional Export Support Center;

-       Organization and holding in Oryol annual competition "Best Exporter of the Year";

-       Planning of international business missions (with appropriate marketing and organizational preparation);

-       Participation in international and inter-regional exhibition, congress events, fairs;

-       Holding exhibitions and fairs and congress events in the territory of the Oryol region;

-       Accounting applications for small and medium-sized businesses in the Oryol Regional

Orel Regional Export Support Center provides information and analysis, consulting and organizational support for foreign economic activities of small and medium-sized businesses.

In particular:

-       Advising on export performance;

-       The organization of meetings and negotiations with foreign business entities on the territory of the Oryol region;

-       Assist in the development and promotion of export and investment deals, including in the preparation and translation into foreign languages of presentation and other materials.;

-       The establishment and modernization of sites of export-oriented small and medium-sized businesses on the Internet;

-       Assistance in organizing the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises in exhibitions and fairs, congress activities in the territory of the Oryol region;

-       Organizing webinars, round tables, conferences, seminars and workshops on the subject of export activities;

-       Assisting in the organization of international and interregional business missions;

-       To assist in bringing the goods into conformity with the requirements necessary for the export of goods;

-       Providing support for protection of intellectual property in Russia and abroad;

-       Assistance in marketing research for the conclusion of a particular product in the foreign market


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